What is the Tough Mudder? Well, it’s a lot of freaking mud. Ten miles of it. Of course that’s why we called ourselves Team F*cking Mud! It’s not really a race, but a challenge — both physically and mentally. If you look up any of the obstacles and videos, you’ll know why. These things test every fear.

There was a little of this:

A lot of this:

And some of this:

THOSE ARE ELECTRIC WIRES AND I’M IN WATERY MUD. Yeah, that was the one obstacle that I almost walked away from. I’m so proud that I finished it.


And this girl — one of my oldest friendships. We’ve known one another since elementary school, and she’s the tough cookie behind why I do stuff like this in the first place.


I dove under barbed wire, crawled on my elbows through mud (under said barbed wire), jumped in ice cold freezing water (seriously, my heart stopped), jumped off a 15-foot plank, got electrocuted, jumped over fire, climbed through tunnels, pulled myself over walls, ran up a greased-up halfpipe… ran/climbed/swam/trudged through more miles of mud than I could even keep track.

My team finished in around 5 hours (whew). It was really fun to train for and accomplish an endurance-type event. I’m kind of still in shock that TM is already over AND that I actually finished that course and got my orange headband! And I think I might actually be back on a runners kick.


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  • themoderngal

    Awesome. Way to go!