Age spots. Sun spots. Livers spots. OFF, SPOT!

Spot removers and skin brighteners: yet more treatments in the arsenal of beauty products aimed at our age bracket. The promise? Younger, brighter skin that’s free from discoloration, age spots and uneven tone. These anti-aging creams promise to reduce, fade and prevent freckling and splotching of discolored 30-something skin caused by sun damage, acne scarring and those lovely (lovely!) hormones. If only a magic serum were that easy.

Yeah… wrong kinda spot.

My skin has become a MESS over the last couple years of my mid-30s: blotchy areas, loose skin around the eyes (including my first few wrinkles), enlarged pores, the eyebrow “parenthesis,” dark circles, adult acne, and age spots. While aging is an ultimate concern in the physical sense, I didn’t realize how hard this stage would be mentally. And financially.

Besides regularly visiting an aesthetician for facials, I’m currently enduring a months-long wait for a dermatology appointment (completely separate from my wait for my skin cancer screening) to see what else can be done — how I can FIX and PREVENT more of this from happening. Meanwhile, I’m trying out a sample of this Murad Age Spot & Pigment Lightening Serum to see if I can be part of the 33% (of users to see a difference in 1 week; a couple weeks in, I’m having limited success in reducing redness scars, not yet on brown pigment spots).

murad spot remover for 30-somethings

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