I need a workout playlist to keep myself motivated to run (hello Marathon relay training!) and endure through tough uncoached workout sessions (I’m drowning out the guys who won’t leave me alone to my weights and machines, for real). But boy do I have a real problem with earbuds. Forget the ones that come with an iPhone — they were definitely not designed with small ear canals in mind; no, not even you “redesigned” iPhone 5 ‘buds. The current pair I use for exercise fit into my ear (thank you, Five Below impulse purchase), but I need to wrap around my headband in order to keep located within my ears area. And then there’s the problem with WHERE DO I PUT ALL THESE WIRES?!

It’s all very #firstworldproblems.

I’ve been looking around for other options of headphones to purchase, especially ones that are wire-free and runner-friendly. Enter: Jaybird.

Jaybird creates state-of-the-art headphones for active lifestyles. The company has a variety of bluetooth headphones that are perfect for every sport and activity! Plus, they have GOOD quality audio, which helps me train away the nagging YOU WILL NEVER BE A RUNNER thoughts that run through my head. Who keeps saying that?!

BlueBuds are the smallest Bluetooth headphones in the world — with remarkable playtime — and are possibly the most progressive headphones available.

Some other sweet benefits:

  • BlueBuds come with multiple size ear buds for comfort AND an over/under-ear fit options. Over-ear lifts cord off the neck, liberating your workout.
  • Do you know about the relationship between white noise and headphones? All other headsets produce listener fatigue. Pure Sound features in these BlueBuds filter white noise out for a better listening experience.
  • BlueBuds have an 8-hour battery life and charge via micro USB.
  • All JayBird products have a lifetime sweat-proof guarantee. I won’t get into sweat issues. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you know.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod Nano and Touch, iPad mini and Android models — basically any bluetooth-enabled stereo device.

Extreme athlete approved… Oh, hey CrossFit athletes:

I bet these would even be awesome for derby, pre-bout warmup too.

Voice prompts? You have my attention, Jenna. With voice prompts, getting to your first track is smooth and simple: put your headphones on, hold the power button and Jenna takes over saying “power on” then “headphones connected.” Push play and your music begins. I’m also digging the music and call controls to change tracks and volume without having to fumble with my iPhone through its armband case.

A special bonus for my 30-something workout warriors: Jaybird is giving away a pair of BlueBuds headphones every. single. day. Giveaway ends December 8, 2013; and one winner is selected daily. You can enter-to-win every day.

Christmas is coming! Wouldn’t these make the perfect gift idea for your fellow fitness enthusiasts! I know these BlueBuds are going on my wish list this year. But I’m definitely entering the daily contest too (Merry Christmas to me!).
30-something approved: BlueBuds retail at $169.95, available in storm white or midnight black, sold via the Jaybird website.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of JayBird.

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