I always lost this game. And by lost, I mean, got drunk first. It seemed in the days where a drinking game like “Never Have I Ever” was played, I was a little more carefree and took great pride in my stories. This too proper, classy portrayal of an aging lady who writes this now has a past where she played games like “Never Have I Ever”… and sometimes drunk twister. And yes, there was also strip poker on a couple of occasions (err, once in high school). I also created a kissing game in elementary school with the die from a Scattegories game (yes, I was very unsupervised as a minor). But that’s what I used to consider “winning.”

And I try SO HARD to remember who that person was. It doesn’t feel like me.

I wonder, as I’m ticking off another year on the 30-something calendar this week, if I’ve become SO uptight that I’m unable to have real fun. In effort to shed some perceptions of me as a Party Girl, I’ve gone so far to the other side that even I think I’m boring. Is this part of aging, in general, where we wistfully remember “the good old days” of our youth and have fond stories to embarrass your future children? And what if you don’t have children — who do you tell, the neighbors?

I had a pretty bad quarter-year crisis; I’m wondering if I should expect another one before I turn 40. A few months ago, I attended a local event hosted by a life coach, and all my self-analysis during her session led me to write in my notebook the words: HAVE MORE FUN.

My mid-year assessment says “no, I’m not having more fun.” For purposes of perfect metaphors, I’m running away from all of my problems. And if there’s anything that I fear more than getting older, it’s getting complacent.

This post is part of Blogger, May I? — and its 30 days of prompts.

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  • Ooh girl I feel ya. I really should have had more supervision, too. Hey, we turned out okay!

    I’m with Katy – we owe it to ourselves not to be tightly wound balls of stress all the time. I am guilty of not BSing with my coworkers when phones are ringing and emails need answering and instead *gasp* doing my job. That in turn makes me more frustrated and drives a wedge further between us. I know it’s easy to say, “Hey, relax,” but it’s another thing entirely to actually do it. Keep practicing, we can make it!

  • I think we owe it to ourselves to let loose once in a while. Granted, not quite like we used to. But it’s good to let your hair down and be a little extra silly. Just try and stay off of social media and out of the sight of people with cameras while it’s happening…it was so much easier to get away with things back in the day before everyone had a smart phone and social media was a thing. Or at least I feel like I got away with my shenanigans back then!

    • Katy, I do the sign of the cross every day for not having grown up in the age of social media. hahah