So, with the trip to California and all, this post is a little bit late to spread awareness of a date that happened a week ago, but it’s still something I wanted to share.

My blogger-friend Jeanna of 50 Food Truck Dates {you should add her blog to your reader!} wants to change the negative perception of Valentine’s Day being all about going broke and being bored (or bummed for those who feel left out because they don’t have a “love” worthy of celebrating the holiday).

From Jeanna: There’s a lot of bemoaning about needing to “prove” your love one contrite day a year, and a lot of sulking and sad feelings if you don’t have someone to line your stairway with rose petals, stand outside your window with a boombox, or cook you dinner, naked, in an Italian David statue apron… So I thought to myself – why not motivate everyone to change this negative Valentine’s Day sentiment around?

I was definitely on board! The boyfriend and I didn’t have any big plans this year because of our big vacation the week prior (not that we really celebrate it any other year either, plus it was a practice night for me). While we were out west we found a food truck to celebrate our love of corn dogs, tater tots… well, and each other. Together forever in mustard and viking ketchup dipping sauces. I am, however, bummed that I didn’t get a picture of us TOGETHER. Just me and my corn dog in the passenger seat.

30-something hungry belly approved!

We selected the Viking Truck, which was parked outside of The Bruery in Southern California. The brewery tasting room was PACKED — we just stopped by for a mini-tasting and maybe to purchase a few bottles before continuing our road trip to Phoenix. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay long enough to endure the crowds, but having a food truck in the lot made up for that disappointment with all kinds of food-sized AWESOME. Also, did I mention corn dogs and TATER TOTS?!

I kept my corn dog traditional (the Viking Dog), but loaded up the tots — the Vikings called them Dragon Eggs. Yep, that’s some seriously delicious bean chili spread all over (which I had to eat IN THE CAR. Good thing it was a rental. Heh.) Boyfriend had the naked tots (easier to eat while driving) and one of their bratwursts (I think it was the Odin).

I love the idea of National Food Truck Date Day as a replacement to Valentine’s Day because, let’s face it, I’m a cheap date — a cheap, HUNGRY beast of a date. Just the same, the boyfriend & I love to try new restaurants, especially while traveling. Pittsburgh doesn’t have a large food truck scene — it’s just now starting to gain momentum, but unfortunately, vendors still face apprehension from government and restaurant owners — so being able to take advantage while on vacation just adds to the experience.

Do you have a favorite food truck in your city? Would you celebrate National Food Truck Date Day (next year) in lieu of Valentine’s Day?

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