Three months ago I would NOT have called myself a runner. I hated running — especially when it was part of a CrossFit workout or warm-up because WHY TWO WORKOUTS IN ONE SESSION?! Yet, here I am, having finished (I think) 7 races at various distances, experiencing something of a coming out party. I ACTUALLY LOVE RUNNING. Running goals are part of my plan for 2015, as I incorporate CF and roller derby into my year full of activities and intentions.

Inspired by Miss Zippy’s Year of Running post and other running bloggers that I admire around the Web, the following is a summary of my 2014.

medal hang runner wall hooks

Medal, bib and PR display from Gone for a Run

Best race experience: Finally lining up for the Hot Chocolate 15K — the race that my friends encouraged me to train for when derby season ended, and what sparked this whole experience. Bonus factor: HOT CHOCOLATE, duh.

Worst race experience: Miles 8-10 of the EQT 10-miler. Woof. I was definitely not prepared for this race. Whomp-whomp factor: HUNGRY.

Best run: Just a couple weeks ago, I did 6 miles, and I am continually in amazement that I AM RUNNING 6 MILES. Plus, I hit a 8:10 pace in the middle of that run. It was an incredible realization (and further amazement) at what my body is capable of.

Worst run: I could barely run a mile without stopping four months ago, so that’s tops. But the run that you wouldn’t really call a run that was the worst, was the Fineview Step-athon. Man, that race kicked my ass. And I got lost! But probably one of the best race endings and celebrations. Tie breaker: that time a foldable water bottle leaked down my leg during the (very cold) holiday run. Yeahhhh.

Best new piece of gear: SHOES! Holy cow, my Saucony Ride 7s have changed my life!

Worst (old) piece of gear: Headphones are the bane of my existence. Even the $50 pair that I invested in only work half of the time. At least they don’t fall out? Also, can we please stop making race tech shirts with shortened long sleeves? I’m petite, but everything is still so short on me!

Best piece of running advice: “If you run, then you’re a runner.” – comment on an internet post.

Worst piece of running advice: “I have to run 8 miles this weekend anyways, why not sign up for the 10-miler?” – myself, naturally

If you could sum up your year last few months in a couple of words, what would they be: Life changing.

Total miles: Since late September, I’ve logged 81 miles. Nothing earth-shattering in the running world, and I expect that number to explode next year. Just in November, I ran 35 of those miles. Seriously though, that’s 81 more miles than last year!

Looking ahead: I can’t wait to start my training program in a couple weeks for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. I’m doing the Frigid 5 Miler in January, followed up by derby tryouts in the same week. The theme for this year will definitely be balance.

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  • Congratulations! That’s a lot of mileage! I think cultivating a love for running is the hardest part of the whole thing! (At least for me it’s been).

    • Mel

      Thanks, MG!!!