You know that instinct when something is just not “clicking.” That’s been the relationship between me and Birchbox for, well, longer than I care to admit. Yet, I continued on, hoping that “things” would change. Those “things” mind you, were the possibility of receiving ACTUAL makeup. 

birchbox box

The monthly beauty subscription boxes were fun at first, but the excitement quickly faded. And all I was left with was yet another face moisturizer and smaller-than-a-sample size of hair treatment. Meh. 

Last month, I said goodbye to Birchbox… of course, they were still a little attached to me and my credit card — charging me for my monthly subscription and sending me the box anyway. To BB’s credit, the amount was refunded, but not until after canceling again, submitting a cancellation survey, emailing their customer service… and then tweeting about it. Again, meh

PS: This is one of several issues that I’ve had with their site. A prior problem was showing double items in my cart & I couldn’t remove the extra for days. And another wouldn’t let me use my points (again, eventually corrected itself).

Without further ado, the contents of the final box — JET SET box:
Faux lashes – winks by Georgie » LOVE faux lashes. SUCK at faux lashes. I can’t hate getting another pair to practice once again, however.
Shampoo – Hair Rules » yet another hair sample. BORING.
Packaged face cleanser wipes – La Fresh » I’ll use these. Straight to the skate bag!
Stainiac – theBalm cosmetics » haven’t used yet, but added it to all the other lip things that I hope to use one day. I just love my sugar fresh too much to use anything else right now.
BONUS: a printed plastic travel pouch from tili. I’ll use this, for sure. 

For what it’s worth, I would definitely recommend the sample subscription service — it’s fun and a surprise at only $10 a month. I’m just underwhelmed by the promise of AWESOME THINGS and frequently disappointed in return. 

Alas, for now I bid adieu, Birchbox!

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