There was a moment I thought my knees would give out. And when I puked in my mouth leaning over to gasp for breath (ew, the sweet, sweet burn of blueberry waffles, banana and peanut butter). I also had a throbbing headache, coinciding with dizzyness (probably getting sick… again). And then i had to run to dry heave into the rink toilets when it was all over. Yeah, I pushed myself.

I still hear the voice of my junior high cross country coach, telling me that if I throw up at the finish line, I get a cheeseburger. I guess that meant then that we pushed ourselves just enough. I threw up a lot that season.

I not only passed my roller derby assessments; I nailed them. Surpassed all requirements, so that I can try out in January for our league’s A (Varsity) team.

I am endlessly amazed at what this 30-something body can do.

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  • themoderngal

    Love those skates. I admire your motivation, although I’m not sure I want to mimic it to the point of puking 🙂

    • Mel

      It is sincerely the hardest that I’ve ever pushed myself. Although, strangely, my body hasn’t reacted with any kind of soreness or tightness… Hmmm.