For today’s Blogger, May I? the ladies want me to Show Off Something [I’ve] Created… and, well, I got nothing. To be honest, I just finished a late-night class session. I have three assignments already due tomorrow (ack!), and I’m feeling like that week completely got away from me. But, I’ll get this post done today, dammit.

I envy other’s DIY projects and artistic abilities. I tried to paint a bathroom once — only one wall — and ended up with paint on the ceiling, the tile floor, my slippers (and subsequently everything else I walked through afterward). I can’t cook creatively (or even from a recipe, for that matter). The closest I got to actually DIY’ing something is making a Pinterest board. If you want to call it creation: I can write a 12-page paper in just a few hours, with several citations and a 100% grade. That’s my true talent.

And I created this space here — that’s something, right?

At the end of last year, I took part in The Happiness Conspiracy, and it was an opportunity to do something creative while meeting wonderful women and plotting our revenge on unhappiness. I loved those sessions because it forced me to do things that I wasn’t very good at. We painted, we colored, we did decoupage collages (is that the right word?), and even some black-out poetry. I miss the opportunity to be creative-provoked.

And seriously, isn’t coloring the best?

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  • I totally say that writing a 100% paper is creative – you’re making something out of thin air. Go you!

    I so wanted to do the Happiness Conspiracy. I’m highly considering the Creative Soul Retreat Britt is doing in September.