Today’s Blogger, May I? prompt is another Sunday Lately post. I spent most of my morning riding a struggle bus hangover (woof). I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Today’s my last day of Spring Break, and my final semester begins tomorrow. I’ll be taking two courses for the first six weeks, then another two the second six weeks — one of which is my Applied Psychology Capstone. I’ve submitted my application for graduation, so now starts that fun waiting-auditing period to ensure I have everything that I need to complete this program.

Visiting with my tailor today. My, how this pile of unfitting clothes (with tags, harumph) has grown. Ladies, if you’re like me and struggle with off-the-rack clothing that fits properly, make sure you have a good tailor in your arsenal. I always have my skirts fit to my shape and pants because, well, that’s all 5’3″ problems of being not too short and not tall enough.

I am a good person with only good intentions. Sadly, I had to remind someone whom I care about quite a bit. I refuse to have another person box me into a negative persona because I have feelings and opinions. And if I have to continue to repeat my intentions, then perhaps this person will never understand me.

Perhaps more of a CHEERS! than applause, but my youngest brother, babiest of the babies, turned 21 today. If you wanted some insight into how old I feel today. He’s a pretty cool dude, so Happy Birthday, brother.

Our basement flooded for the first time since being in this house, which got worse with yesterday’s storms — something is backed up in the drain going to the city line, so we’ll be scheduling an emergency plumber to assess what’s going on. I’m frustrated and upset and having anxiety about what this might cost us. I couldn’t believe how quickly the water spread to the other side of the basement, and we were pulling everything we could off the floor to higher ground. And the water/sludge stinks, so the clean-up is going to be gross. ARGH.

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  • Oh your poor basement! We had issues a while back and it was DISGUSTING.

  • Gah, I don’t envy city-basement problems. That sounds like a nightmare. Who’s your tailor? I used to go to a fantastic lady in Sewickley, but I rarely go out that way anymore (I’m 5′ tall…talk about never finding things that fit.) And congrats on being so close to graduating!

    • I go to Threads by Laurie — she’s right in my neighborhood, so it’s totally convenient and I trust her with making big changes to pieces.
      If you need someone cheaper and quick (like, taking up an easy pant hem) go to Lulu at Rethreading and Reweaving Shop downtown (I think that’s the name of her shop; don’t direct quote me haha).