I am obsessed with make-up, Blogger, May I? followers, so I’m excited to post about my favorite daily products for today’s prompt.

I’m a subscriber to ipsy and PopSugar MustHave, and I used to regularly get Birchbox and Julep. I like to sample and try new things, but I generally wear make-up to look like I’m not wearing any. That’s the 30-something secret. WINK. Many of my MUST HAVE, CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT products are things that I’ve discovered within the last couple years because of these subscriptions.

So much lip stuff in the background there!

So much lip stuff in the background there!

In any event: I start with the AGE SMART skinperfect primer from Dermologica. I fell in love with Dermologica during a facial last year at the spa at Nemacolin and use several of their skin care products. Then, I follow up with a BB cream from Tarte (it’s the PERFECT color for my skintone, feels light but still covers) and an undereye concealer from It Cosmetics (Bye-Bye Under Eye is so amazing that I even wear while I run; I’ll pretend it’s because of the sunscreen benefit). I then brighten my lids and eye area with Well Rested powder from Bare Minerals. I seriously rarely leave the house without applying this on/around my eyes. I don’t typically wear foundation since my face is pretty oily, but if I do, I opt for LORAC Natural Performance; otherwise, I use a brush to set my BB-prepped face with a powder from Napolean Perdis (since ULTA stopped carrying it, I have to now buy from Bergdorf, which makes me feel fancy).

My lids then get a quickie sweep of color from Pacifica — it’s very neutral but a tiny bit frosty — and blush from Tarte. I’m positively obsessed with the waterproof formula from Bare Minerals: Flawless Definition. It stayed on during a 5K in a rainstorm and the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in the sweaty heat (because, yep, I do prefer to have a little make-up on when I workout). I recently noticed that I received more compliments when NOT wearing eyeliner (weird), so that’s been removed from my daily routine and I feel A-OK about it; I’ll pull out a fun bold eye for a party or something and will also draw in my eyebrows then. I haven’t mastered contouring like some of those fab youtubers (it’s so fascinating!), but I will use bronzer and highlighter for nights out.

All-in-all, my make-up routine takes less than 10 minutes. Throughout the day, I use green tea blotting linens from Boscia to blot my shiny areas and opt for Burt’s Bees lip balm when my lips are feeling dry. And that’s basically my make-up routine.

Have you discovered any fun products from monthly subscription boxes? Do you use any of the same brands?

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  • I love your routine. I try to avoid looking like I’m wearing anything, especially on my skin, because I’m oily too and the humidity just makes it cake and turn weird colors. I seriously have to try Bye Bye Undereye – so many people have mentioned it, I need to try it.