Inbox Zero is the name of the game in my gmail world. I have to mark everything as read, even if I didn’t read it, with intention of returning to the email at a later date if it’s a) important or b) interesting. Anything else is filed away into specific folders or deleted immediately.

If you thought my blog post drafts were random, check this list out:

1. “Unwrap your NARS birthday gift” from Sephora: Need to order something stat.
2. Tweet by PBSAmerMasters, emailed to myself: A reminder to watch the American Ballet Theater film that is available online.
3. “Beginner’s Yoga for Relaxation #4” from a YouTube “latest videos” email from JANUARY: Still haven’t watched it; I’m sure I can bookmark this in a better manner.
4. Oh, and a “Relaxation or Bedtime Yoga Routine” from February.
5. “Notification of Federal Loan Servicer Agreement” from you-know-who. *sigh*
6. “Your Fabletics return label” for a package to return (for Matthew in LA) that I received. My printer at home is broken right now, so…
7. “Music Performance Anxiety Assessments” from my Div47 listserv: Thought it might be useful for a later class, given our use of assessments and my interest in performance psychology. Filed to the right folder now.
8. Oh, yay! My POPSUGAR MustHave box is on its way!
9. Also, so are my replacement running shoes, per this email from Customer Service.
10. Private Coaching/Weekly Program email response that I’m sitting on, regarding my marathon training plan.

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