Today’s Blogger, May I? prompt had me all over the place this morning. I was in serious “two birds-one stone” mode trying to figure out how I could incorporate something from my to-do list into a post (and then get on with attacking that list). Then I realized the potential this post had for brainstorming future posts so that I can keep up my blogging game in June. This month has been incredibly fun to sit every morning and crank out something just completely at random — by prompt of course, but with little editing, rewriting or even a lot of deep thought. To be honest, I miss writing like that. And lists are my jam.

So here is my list of 10 things of 10 things (for future posts in June):

    ten packing tips for a yoga retreat

    list of ten things I do every morning

    list of ten things that I have saved in my email

    list of ten intentions for June

    list of ten posts I have saved in drafts

    list of ten things that currently need fixed/repaired/completed in my home

    10 things every 30-something should know

    10 things in my bag right now

    list of ten schools to explore/research for grad school

    10 things that make me happy

Looking forward to keeping this new blogging energy alive.

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