1. Drink a glass of water… and take my Vitamin D3.
2. Brush my teeth; wash my face.
3. If I haven’t already, feed the cats. Then drip the faucets because that meow-ing will inevitably come soon.
4. Drink a couple mugs of coffee.
5. Stretch. Some sun salutations if I wake up early enough.
6. Eat some oatmeal or gluten-free cinnamon-raisin toast.
7. Pack my lunch, if it’s a work day; consult with the boyfriend about daily meal plan, if not.
8. Make sure I have my keys, wallet/work badge, sunglasses, and umbrella. And a snack if I’m running errands. Headphones, if I plan to listen to a podcast on my walk to work.
9. Decide on walking shoes or dress shoes, and pack day bag accordingly (make sure I have Band-aids).
10. Make a list for my day and consult weekly to-do and calendar.

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