While my Higdon Half Marathon Novice training program doesn’t begin until February, my mental training begins this week. By that, I mean, I need to train my body and brain into running a couple times per week — it’s all about the frequency right now. Nothing by calculated time or distance, but just getting out there and running a few miles here and there. I also intend to amp up my strength training program a little with consistent CrossFit workouts.

running outside

Naturally, I started Day One (Sunday) by COMPLETELY FLAKING OUT ON THE FRIGID 5 MILER. And then I felt guilty after chatting with the clerk at True Runner about skipping out on the race, and decided to run a couple miles in my neighborhood later in the day. Even though it was a decided “heat wave” from the prior week, DANG was it still cold. I hit a puddle about 2 miles in, and 2.38 was it for me. But I got to test out my new Garmin running watch!

Day Two: Did my 30-day Ab Challenge (Days 11 and 12. Woof.), and some good ol’ healthy foam rolling.

treadmill day

Day Three: Dreadmill, Treadmill Day. Wanted to run after work, but didn’t have the energy to get dressed for the weather. So with a boyfriend in tow, I scooted my new-Fabletics-covered-booty over to the YMCA for 3 miles. Then I came home for Day 13 of the aforementioned Ab Challenge (BLECH!).

Day Four: 30-day ab challenge again (ooof).

Day Five: Treadmill day. I can’t do another treadmill day. Thankfully we’ll have a little weather break in Pittsburgh this weekend, so I can get back outside. I could only do 2.5 (totally miserable) miles. And then I came home to complete Day 15 of the 30-day Ab Challenge (help me!). I’m also pretty sure that I fell asleep on my yoga mat for a hot minute.

Day Six: REST DAY!

Day Seven: I missed the training Run with SCRR (wine on an empty stomach was a terrible idea), but later in the afternoon I did 4 miles! The weather was glorious, and I SO missed being outside. My Garmin Forerunner and MapMyRun logged two different distances (and times), so I kept running until the lagging one caught up to 4 miles. I was also angry that MapMyRun logged me running some other completely different course — no clue how that happened! And then I ended my last mile running up a north side hill (because apparently my side stitches weren’t bad enough?).


I realized that I need to work on my scheduling. I only have one class right now, but in a couple weeks when I’m in THREE at once, planning and ACTUALLY DOING these runs will be critical to keeping up with my training program… and, well, everything else in life.

Total runs this week: 4
Total miles this week: 12.14

I need to find a race next weekend, if I’m going to meet my “one race per month” goal, so I need to get on that.

Post contains affiliate link for Fabletics. I am seriously in love with their workout clothes and bras!

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