Today’s Blogger, May I? prompt: Describe Your Style.

If I could sum up my clothing style in one word, it would be: comfort. Now, I’m not always running around in yoga pants or pajamas (although I did that quite often in my freelancing days), but if something doesn’t fit or sit right on my body I feel really uncomfortable.

But if we’re completely honest, I do feel most comfortable and powerful in my workout clothes.

I tend to err on the side of classic; trendy things generally make me feel out of place. I mean, I’ll try some hot pink lipstick when I’m feeling like making a stylish entrance and having some fun with fashion. I like to dress up for events, but most times it leaves me feeling exposed and anxious — quite the opposite of comfort. Oh, speaking of comfort, this 30-something is basically all flats, all the time now. I love colors. I love prints. Most times I have zero clue how to put them together. I experience decision fatigue on a nearly daily basis, and Pinterest helps me get out the door looking somewhat-presentable. Otherwise, I’ll buy entire outfits because I know they’re pieces that work well together.

I think most importantly: I know what looks good on my body shape, I’ve had my colors done (I’m a Winter!), and as I’ve mentioned in another post this month, I have a great tailor to make sure things FIT properly.

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  • Girl, I hear you loud and clear. If I’m not comfortable in an outfit, I feel like something is off all day. Quite antsy and not confident.