I’m less than 85 days away from my first full marathon, and still mildly freaking out about it — but in good, productive ways. I am in my last week of school too, so I look forward to being able to only focus on training for a while (and not that I have to sometimes skip/balance workouts with homework or advising sessions).

running downtown pittsburgh convention center

That point of my run where my GPS can never find me. Also the coolest (literally) place to run in downtown in July.

Total miles for July: 57.12 — an increase from June, which had 36.08 total miles.
Total runs: 14

My longest run of the month was 8.04 miles on July 16 (in hot, sweaty Cleveland).
The month ended with my shortest (but most fun!) with the Liberty Mile.

I only missed one of my weekly run//yoga club sessions, and I met up twice with Steel City Road Runners Club this month. I didn’t miss ANY of my Sunday long runs. Hooray!

I PR’d my 5K time at 28:08!

White board goals: lots of shrugging and accountability.

White board goals: lots of shrugging and accountability.

Upcoming for August: LOTS OF MILES
I’ve got two races scheduled: a 5K in Toronto on August 9 (Ray’s Race, aka: the running of the psychologists) and the Cleveland Rock Hall Half Marathon on August 23.

If I ONLY run my long runs each week (which, that would be dumb!), then I’ll be at 54 miles for the month, so my August total miles should totally rock the socks off of that July total.

Although, I anticipate August being MUCH sweatier.

Legs, are you ready?

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