It’s BIRCHBOX WEEK! And I have to admit, after a very meh box in August, I am so happy for my product selection this month:

Resilient Blinc mascara – this beauty product blows my mind. I’ve never heard of this “tube” type of mascara. At first, I was a little disappointed to see yet nanother tube of mascara, but this sounds pretty genius to me. And cool. Cannot wait to try!

Adventurous incoco nail polish applique – I’ve never tried these strips! And the print they sent me is just my style. Will definitely post a pic when I (attempt) application.

Practical Joueer Lip Enhancer – self-explanatory, I suppose… we’ll see if it works against my favorite lip stuff.

Lash Card – this is so amazing. I recently heard about the “card trick” from a youtube video on “how to put on mascara” (yes, I looked that up at age 34, but I was mad at my make-up). These will definitely come in handy. 

The friendship bracelet was an awesome addition – a “treat” as part of our products. Although cute, it reminds of those red string bracelets that certain celebrities wear (I cannot for the life of me remember the religion, nor will I Google it). But let’s face it, Birchbox kinda does have its own cult following. I’ll totally add it to my arm party on casual days.

What was in your Birchbox this month?

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