It’s AUGUST. And It. Is. HOT. The following are five beauty products getting me through this summer’s heat wave (with special thanks to birchbox for several introductions):

1. CG Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer – I truly hate wearing make-up during summer. But let’s face it — most 30-somethings (like me) have some skin problems to conceal. This moisturizer has just the right amount of tint and coverage, and is NOT heavy at all. I’ve even worn it to roller derby practices (alas, it cannot resist the sweat of THAT business). Also, if I need to set it or cover excess shine, I simply dust with translucent powder.

2. philosophy purity made simple face cleanser – What’s that? I don’t need 18 different steps to take my make-up and gross sweat and residue off at night? Also love that it doesn’t leave my face feeling tight after washing.

3. AHAVA Hand Cream – it took me nearly a month to try my deluxe sample, which was included in my previous birchbox. And I AM IN LOVE. That scent? Well, it has caused an instant addiction for use just before bedtime — so soothing.

4. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion – True story: after using this product ONE TIME, I knew I would be replacing my use (and former love story) for Murad. And I still feel the same way one month later. For whatever reason, I thought Kiehl’s was some expensive brand that only celebrities could afford… why? Um, no clue. I was spending nearly DOUBLE for my Murad cleansers and TRIPLE for my daily lotions. Buh-bye, I am totally a Kiehl’s convert. And yeah, it might bump philosophy out of my nightly cleaning ritual, but it’s good to find more than one product that works effectively for my combo skin (that’s totally sensitive, hormonally acne prone and terribly oily).

5. Funky Fingers nail polish in Port Royal – it’s the perfect summer pink color. And that sweet Watermelon Bubble Yum-like scent is… AWESOME. I have zero complaints about its wear either. For a cheapie brand, I approve!

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