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What inspires me? (Today’s prompt from Blogger, May I?) Seemingly a lot these days. And it feels good. SO GOOD.

I find inspiration in little things now that I was oblivious to only a few months ago. Joy in seemingly insignificant interactions with people… or nature. I smile and say “hello” more to passing strangers. I leave my headphones in my bag. I engage with things that are in my sight-line. I look up. Always. Is it inner peace? Perhaps. It’s certainly an effect of me being mindful of my surroundings and conscious of being present. There really is a lot to be said about living in the moment and keeping company with people who make you happy. Those people inspire me most of all. I’ve left my days of being angry all the time behind. Mostly. I’m human. I can snap out of a mood by providing my own perspective. Buh-bye aggressive driving. I’m in no rush.

Slowing down has never felt so good.

I’ve had to come to terms with a lot of the forced happiness that I was feeling for far too long. The people that I chose to be around caused me sufficient grief and… well, I was relentlessly unsettled. By removing the blocks to my growth, I’ve truly changed my perception on so many things. Back to the friends mention from earlier. Man, my friends are doing amazing things, and they are probably my biggest source of inspiration. Every day, I am motivated to learn more, do better, follow through, be gracious — and humbly, they return these friendships. If luck had anything to do with it, well, I am incredibly lucky. I am surrounded by good people.

And the good begets the good.

Banana Pancakes are good too:

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