WHEW, what a week! There was a lot of tough work, but my spirits are super high. There are several small places where I can see opportunities to improve — and totally achievable, at that! — that it’s given me the gumption to keep working at this Big Goal. I even had a PR on my 10-mile race this week, which is always an enjoyable element in fueling motivation.

But here we go: Less than a month to race day!


  • Two easy runs
  • One speed workout (SPRINTS!)
  • One long run — coinciding with RACE DAY!
  • One core + one strength workout

Week in the life of half marathon training!

Rest day, and my biweekly call with my coach. I really needed a confidence boost, after too much negative self-talk. Receiving feedback and mental tips is one of the many amazing reasons to have a coach. She really helps me reign in and release this future-focused, all-or-nothing thinking. My old carry-over mantra from derby — “I can do anything for two minutes!” — has been revised to “I can do this right now.”

Jump rope x 100 + strength workout (this workout always kicks my butt!)

On the backside of my housing development, there’s a nice stretch of sidewalk to do some speedy sprints (is that redundant?). This week’s workout was HARD! But, fun hard. There were a couple walkers on the opposite side of the street trying to figure out my crazy, which just made me laugh more at myself.

That said, I found myself pooping out 40 seconds into every interval. My warm-up was 10 minutes (9:25 pace), followed by 1:1 sprints/recovery jog (spoiler alert: couldn’t even jog!) x 10. That madness ended with another 10-min cool down run (12:23 pace, whomp).

Zero energy to do my core workout after that, so I bumped it to after my Thursday easy run.

Treadmill Thursday: 4.20 miles, 45:34

Splits: 10:36 / 10:56 / 11:12 / 10:49

Ended with Wednesday’s core workout. 😉


Treadmill Life (you need a good book!)

REST Day (and Date Night). We went to members’ preview opening of the Vivian Maier exhibit at the Arts Center, followed by dinner at Eatery A.

Back on my treadmill (the humidity is back, you guys) for an easy, SLOW 3-miler.

Splits: 12:09 / 11:56 / 11:41

RACE DAY! And It. Was. AWESOME. Despite the humidity (OMG SERIOUSLY, WHERE IS FALL?!) making a comfortable 55 degrees feel 20 degrees warmer, I felt great for this 10-mile run.

I really focused on my coach’s prescribed “easy 7-mile run” mentality, which seemed to help! And I felt like I had the right amount of energy to increase my pace for the latter part of the race.

You know what was weird about this run? How good I felt on zero fuel. No GU or gluten-free figgies (though I had them both on me); no Gatorade on the course. I even packed a salt tab, too, JUST IN CASE. When I lined up for the start, that’s when I realized that I forgot to eat my pre-race GU. I just shrugged it off, thinking “I have two!” in case things went bad (read: I got SUPER hungry). I had my usual race morning breakfast (egg sandwich, holla!). And I only sipped water at the fuel stops (this race had stations at about every 2 miles). Totally, completely perplexing.

10 miles, 10:16 pace overall.

Anyways, I’ll have a race recap up soon!

WEEKLY MILEAGE: 21.2 miles
TOTAL TRAINING MILES: 131.76 total miles!

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  • Amy

    Okay, I seriously need to know where your workout gear from the top left quadrant of the photo above is from, please! It is AWESOME.

    • Mel

      Hi! The tank is from Fabletics, and the pants are from LOFT of all places! 😀

  • Wow, it sounds like your coach is really helping you this training cycle! Having someone chase away the negativity and help you focus on the positive is so important. I think that’s really going to help you in your race!

    • Mel

      I hope so! <3