EEEEK! I’m less than a week away from the IMT Des Moines Half Marathon!

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The signs are up!

Week #11 of training was part of my “taper time.” And because the Taper Crazies get you when the mileage is down, there is a LOT of time for reflection (and apparently, meal planning, as I’ve been pinning and prepping up a storm for the week). To be honest, after I finished the Heartland Half Marathon, I felt like all the stress of running a PR race for Des Moines lift. Then I realized this week THAT I NOW HAVE TO BEAT THAT TIME. I know it still won’t be a 2-hour half, and my work is not done yet, but I am positively EXCITED to put all the good things that I’ve learned this training cycle to WORK. And it will be work.

Is this also where I tell you that I’ve signed up for another half marathon in November? In addition to the trail half that I’m doing in December? Because yay, RUNNING SEASON IS HERE!

Had a wonderful 60-minute sports massage β€” they had this amazing upgrade that included an IcyHot rub-down and hot towels wrapped around my legs. OMG, it felt so nice. And I made sure that I was on the schedule for October 17, too. πŸ™‚

Otherwise, for the day after a half marathon, I was a little stiff in the morning (after sitting for a few hours), but it passed by the end of the day.

Rest Day – and Drake & Future concert at night (keeping me up until after 1 am ?)

Having 4 hours of sleep the previous night and somehow surviving my workday, I swapped my tempo run to Thursday and completed my easy run Wednesday night.

Easy run: 2.66 miles in 30 min
Splits: 11:11 / 11:16 / 11:20

Tempo run β€” in between an easy one mile warm-up and cool-down β€” and these speedy miles were fun. My last speed workout of this training cycle, and I was really pumped.

Splits: 11:42 / 9:25 / 8:54 / 8:12 / 11:41

Rest (forgot to foam roll, whomp)

Woof, dead tired legs for my Saturday afternoon run β€” an easy 3 miles, ending with some Strides. The immediate post-run recovery felt really hard, and I was really out of breath for a while.

Splits: 10:51 / 11:11 / 11:18

Strides (20 sec sprint x 20 sec recovery)
8:03 / 9:36
7:51 / 9:30
7:42 / 8:58
8:05 / 8:12

My plan called for 6 miles at an increasing pace after 3 miles. I started later than I intended, and I got through 5.13 miles before I ran out of time before our morning plans. It was another rough start on the legs, but by the end I kept wanting to sprint. Man, I feel SO READY for this race!

Splits: 10:24 / 10:45 / 10:39 / 10:09 / 9:10
Total time: 52:06


Wow, the realization that I’ll have over 200 miles in this training cycle just blows my mind. And I got the laundry to prove it!

des moines marathon training run blogger laundryday

So. Much. Laundry.

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