Impromptu photo shoot in the mall parking lot.

Sure, I might have stuck out in the ‘burbs with my hot orange dress and bright blue accessories, but I was totally comfortable on this 80+ degree day (even I continually rolled my eyes at the boyfriend’s references to The Fifth Element). Orange is not my favorite color, but when I wear it, I feel instantly “tan” for some reason. I also added a bright green messenger bag to further complement my sunny demeanor and colorful wardrobe palette. Go big or go shopping, right? *wink*

Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: “Mala” from Shoe Dazzle
Belt: eBay 
Purse: Nine West (from Dillards, many many moons ago)
Necklaces: Swarovski (I’m obsessed!) 
Sunglasses: Gabriel Brothers 

How do you feel about teal and orange color combos?

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