I’m really over this 80-degree weather in October BS. Can I have my tights and boots and layered wardrobe, please?

On top of the heat, on our way to Date Night, we got a cab with no working A/C. *groan*

My mind instantly went “Oooh, 80s temperature = 80s dress!”

Enter: this short, sassy number. I love how this dress fits, even if one of the shorter items in my closet. The bottom actually contains a secondary tiered slip, which looked all kinds of weird. I considered ripping it off because I like the fit of the rest of the dress… but it will take some considerable tailoring efforts, considering how it is sewn rightfully in its place. So, I rolled the excess “skirt” from the back-to-the-front (which is brilliantly split in the back at the zipper) and tied it off to the side — and what do you know? It worked.

Note: I also ripped out the “modesty panel” that a previous owner had sewn into the V-neck. Modesty. Pssssht. I layered with a light-colored lace slip instead.

I originally styled this dress with those cute purple socks, as previously blogged, but changed on my way out the door. First, I thought my legs were far too white for this late-summer madness. Second, I felt… stumpy. Plus, derby bruises on my shins. So, I opted for a knee-high pair of black trouser socks. Naturally, I forgot to snap a picture.

Dress: Vintage (purchased online; can’t remember where)
Slip: Gadzooks
Shoes: Rocket Dog (via TJ Maxx; years ago)
Socks: Guess?
Necklace: Lionette, courtesy of Spoil Me Fashion
Bracelets: hodge podge o’ stuff from my jewelry drawer
Ring: Nina Nguyen, courtesy of Spoil Me Fashion 

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