I’m on a total makeup binge right now. Mostly because I seemed to run out of ALL MY PRODUCTS at the same time (OK, perhaps just a few of the essentials). I have a few items left to replace, but before I spend more money online, I’m waiting to see the contents of a “winning” Sephora gift pack from a silent auction a couple weeks ago (it seems that the night of the charity event, I wasn’t the top bidder… but that somehow changed. Perhaps the winning bidder never came forward or declined? No matter. I’LL TAKE IT!).

Regardless (or because of) ALL THAT, I’m trying to be better about my makeup. I still need to invest in a brush cleaner because I am the worst of that. And it probably has something to do with my face being Breakout City. Plus, my face is just not looking the same anymore with makeup (as I’m sure many of you 30-somethings can empathize). 

While I still need to purchase a tinted moisturizer, I picked up a new bottle of my “winter” foundation: Breakthrough Performance Foundation from LORAC. That purchase came with a special gift from Sephora: the Flawless Foundation Gift Pack. Um, do you SEE how many samples of awesome are in that bag? I have gone to sample heaven. Bonus: there was a step-by-step card on the series of steps for a flawless face. Unsurprisingly, I’ve been doing some steps in the wrong order, so this card now has a permanent placement above my dressing room vanity (on my inspiration board).

Also, in the move, I realized how old some of my eye shadows were.

I thought the colors in the bareMinerals eyeshadow kit were part of my everyday comprehensive colors and included a few “fun” shades for contouring. The price at first freaked me out (and then once again when I received the item, forgetting I put it in my cart). But, I’m glad I made such a splurge-worthy purchase. And I’ve always liked the formula of bM eyeshadow (plus bareEscentuals’ Well Rested is my favorite eye product ever — and I’m actually kind of freaking out right now that I can’t find it on their website).

But check out how cute that compact is!

Cheers to makeup, indeed!

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