I’m KING OF THE WORLD! Well, at least in my apartment. So sayeth the cats. 

We’re moving in a month, and while I’m sure to miss the view, I’ll be so happy to be in a house. OUR house. Kitties, boyfriend and all. 

I had to stay somewhat casual, since I was going to pick up a crap-ton of moving boxes from a friend’s business up in Cranberry. But afterward (downtown again), I’m meeting a friend who’s in town from Chicago for a few happy hour drinks. This outfit should transition nicely between the two. Heck, I might even throw on a pair of HEELS before I head out. 

Jeans: J Brand
Shoes: GoJane
Layering Tank: Old Navy (I definitely need more of these! I have laundry room gnomes that take my tanks, I swear!)
Sweater Vest: NY&CO
Burner Tee: LOFT
Necklace & Ring: Forever 21
Bracelet: on loan from Spoil Me Fashion (Sensations collection by Nina Nguyen — and it’s on sale for half off right now!)

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