I may or may not have purchased this very pair just to find out. 

The trick is being demure in ALL OTHER places — not showing off legs, tits AND ass (I’m looking at you Station Square hootchie). Although the length of this dress looks like I’m wearing leather pants in some photos. THAT’S A WHOLE OTHER BLOG POST.


I even attempted to fold down the tops (yes, I know… YOUR TAG IS SHOWING) to see if that made a difference. Maybe a balance of over-the-knee and lower (or no) heel would have fared better for me. To be truthful, I’m not sure that I can leave the house with a straight face wearing these. I might have to get drunk first.

But you know what? That’s what makes fashion awesome — playing around in your closet to see what works. And make a ridiculous statement (on your blog, of all places) with what doesn’t.

Dress: NY & Company
Vest: Express (gift a few years ago)
Hooker Boots: ShoeDazzle
Necklace: Revival (the cutest boutique in Akron! Highland Square is where it’s at, Ohio peeps!) 
Ring and Earrings: both Nina Nguyen (on loan from Spoil Me Fashion) 

Also: I’m still not completely sold on this NY&CO dress. As much as I want to love it. Something’s off with the shape. Something that I think not even a higher hem might fix. Or… maybe I just need to style with different colors. I’M NOT GIVING UP YET!


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