I could have put today’s post under yesterday’s Blogger, May I? prompt about struggles. How someone defines beauty is so subjective that it feels insensitive to project how or what I think it is. Like art, beauty is open to interpretation. It’s one of those things you know it when you see it.

Sleep is beautiful for some people.

Nature is beautiful to others.

Being able to spell “beautiful” without Googling it could be your definition of beauty. Or beauty simply in just the words.

There is beauty in many things and within people or about people. People, though, is how most would start to define the meaning of beauty. Looking in and up are ways to expand the definition of beauty.

To be honest, I feel pretty wordless right now about this topic, as it is difficult to personally define. I guess that I know beauty when I feel something “light up” within me. I’m inspired, I’m moved, I’m affected. I love.

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  • I was struggling with this one too. It’s such a fluid concept and very subjective. I like your take on it!