Has this turned into a running blog? Well, that’s about all that I’m doing right now, so… join me in my therapy. And for the record, running is still terrible. Kinda.

THIS was the race I was, ahem, “training” for over the last 8 weeks. A group of friends talked me into running it with them, and a 15K seemed like the perfect post-derby season challenge. Plus: hot chocolate stations and marshmallow stops seemed like a good incentive. See also: a sweet finishers medal. I’ve run for less.
Ahem, apple crisp.

hot chocolate 15k

Downtown Columbus was a mad house for the Hot Chocolate 15K/5K. I was already feeling anxious-excited, and my race day room service breakfast was late (but then, free), and we got lost trying to find the start corrals (this, after somehow realizing we were at a Mile 2 water station… uhhhh)… AND bubble guts. I got assigned to the J group with a bulk of people running/walking the 5K and was grateful for all my lateral training and avoidance of hits from derby. I did step on the back of someone’s shoe trying to side-step the walkers (whoops). It was smooth sailing, err running, after the course split at about 2.5 miles — which was marked and VERY obvious for the runners, thank the… weather gods? Oh, the weather (thanks, Ohio!). EFFIN’ FREEZING. My fleece-lined pants are good for cold 5Ks, but I need something a little warmer for these long distances.


I had no real goal other than thinking I should probably run the 15K faster than my 10-miler (duh). I also wanted to keep my pace around 10:30. That first 5K though… it took me a long while to warm up. But I basically ran the whole thing (save for the water station pass-throughs), of which I am ultimately proud. I didn’t get that overwhelming hunger at Mile 8, but boy, did I experience the WHY THE HELL AM I DOING THIS?! Especially when my left thigh started cramping up. But then… I felt something that made me feel as though I might be enjoying this whole running thing.


5K: 33:29 (pace 10:47)
10K: 1:05:37 (pace 10:34)
Finish: 1:38:38 (pace 10:35)

So long, and thanks for all the fondue!


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