I was so excited to see this Pin of a coffee station that I recreated it for my own. I’m not usually that much of a copycat, but it was just TOO perfect for the empty space in my kitchen.

And the result finally gave me the ideas on how to decorate the rest of the kitchen! MORE WIRE CAGES! {bonus points if you used your Mommy Dearest voice}

The small buffet is from an online store that shall not be named because, well… they sold me a piece of shit. The cabinet was on sale for $160 and ended being REALLY cheaply made and cannot be moved, for fear of falling apart. In the past, I’ve purchased VERY well-built furniture from stores like West Elm for the same price range and those pieces have really held up – I’ll stick to what I know in the future. Thankfully, the boyfriend could reinforce the structure, making it a bit stronger (can you believe they didn’t even include screws that were the proper depth? I suppose you can…). I won’t make the same mistake in purchasing a sideboard for the dining room.

Shelf Unit is from Hobby Lobby (make sure you use the online coupon to save 40% on one item!)
I love you, blogs & coffee print is from etsy {I won from another blogger last year}
We received the Polish soup mugs from the boyfriend’s aunt for Christmas. They were just too beautiful to be hiding in the cupboards!

This set-up has already changed at least 6 times since we’ve put it together (as far as decorating goes). But it’s such a cozy, intimate little space that is helping me love our kitchen. Even if I think the floor still needs to GO.

{From the Vintage Wren – source of some awesome DIY and decorating ideas}

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