It was really a crazy thought process: oooh, hot apple crisp — I could totally run a 5K for hot apple crisp!

photo 4

Yep. That’s some self realization there: YOU SO CRAY!

And then I did. In the rain. Basically 2 out of 3 miles up hill. For this year’s Harvest Moon 5K, I placed 12th out of 16 in my women’s age group — ha, so not impressive on paper. Not only that, but with basically no running schedule or program aside from doing CrossFit and roller derby, I beat my personal record. My last 5K was somewhere around 3 years ago, and I clocked in at 33:some odd seconds.

When I was rounding the corner to the finish line, the clock had a 32 on it — a 32! I wish someone would have grabbed a picture of that expression. I ran so fast (yeah, not-so-much) that my boyfriend missed my finish. We talked before the race, and I was honestly thinking I would finish in 36 minutes, so he sat in the car because of the rain. I had already finished, almost puked in the parking lot, and ate an orange and my apple crisp before finding him.

race 5k apple crisp

Finished: 32:30

race clock finish 5k

Next up: Turkey Trot 5K on Thanksgiving

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