Heading home to Ohio just for Christmas Eve, which means a lot of driving in one day. I am looking forward to relaxing in Pittsburgh on Christmas Day in front of our tree (and piled on the couch with three snuggly kitties). Trying not to stress out about one gift that hasn’t yet sent me a shipping notification. *sigh*

xmas tree

New Year’s Eve:
We decided to stay home again this year (“home,” aka: neighbor’s house) playing games and listening to ridiculous records. Since I have to work both NY Eve and Day, and most restaurants have fixed menus on the holiday, I have no desire to get dressed and dolled up for a few hours of drinking. I can also then bypass all the drunk idiots.

seven things, seven days (or maybe eight crazy nights?):
1. More therapists recommending cooking to treat anxiety, depression, and other psychological conditions. {via WSJ}
2. 10 Mantras to get you through the holidays (and stressful family situations). {via PsychCentral}
3. Is your holiday happiness influenced by social media? {via Science of Relationships}
4. I had so much fun both ice skating outdoors with the boyfriend (he actually enjoyed it too!) AND doing a social run downtown around all the sights and lights. I know it’s cold for most of you, but I can’t emphasize enough to just GET OUTSIDE and enjoy some winter activity. I find that it is better to embrace the winter than to hide from it.
5. The Inspired Room has some ADORABLE (and free!) printable gift tags.
6. The holidays can be especially tough for some (including myself) when experiencing depression. PsychCentral offers some guidance on how to approach this time of year when you’re depressed.
7. Gluten-free SPICY gingerbread cookies. Will be making a home in my belly for these guys this week. {via Gluten-free Canteen}

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