It’s probably not a good thing when your dermatologist tells you, “Wow! You have a lot of moles!”

But, this is what happens when you get to your 30s after a lifetime of worshipping the sun. Thankfully, I stopped all that nonsense a few years ago. But as you know, the damage is done. Then, she proceeds to inform me that I’ll get even MORE spots before I turn 40. And then, that sun damage will start making friends on MY FACE. Groan.

I love my new derm, by the way — especially in the way she communicates the method of protection:

Abstain (stay out of the sun)
Keep it Covered (wear appropriate clothing)
Use Protection (SPF always; sunscreen in makeup is NOT ENOUGH)

In that order, to prevent skin cancer and sun damage that’s inevitably a part of aging. 

Well… today is biopsy day. I’m having three “funny” moles removed — only one of which is a raised, somewhat ugly thing in my armpit (thank the Shaving Gods that I don’t ever have to nick that thing with my razor again). The other two: one is flat, under the skin on my belly and has an irregular border; the other, is almost black in color, which I never noticed because it’s practically under my butt cheek.

I had a friend some years ago who died too suddenly because of a skin cancer issue that was left ignored and untreated for too long. You’re NOT too young, so be proactive — ALWAYS get a yearly skin cancer screening if you were a Sun Goddess in your early years (or used tanning beds ever) and ESPECIALLY if a mole ever changes. Finding this stuff early is the key to surviving it.

And remember your ABCDs:


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