The headline of this post for Blogger, May I? has my max supported hashtags. Any more than three and you lose my attention and you are probably the worst (kidding. kinda). This is coming from a social marketer (me) and a whole supporter and a frequent user of all things social media. I started to find myself annoyed by their abundant over-use in twitter and then Instagram happened — that’s basically where all hashtags go to die in a miserable, un-followable paragraph of hashtag death. Because people feel it necessary to use 80 on one picture to attract as many followers as possible. And these aren’t even sponsored posts! AND this isn’t the purpose of social networking. It’s supposed to be about growing a community and connecting with those people within it.

You cannot do that with 10 billion followers, #sorrynotsorry. If you think this is the intended purpose of social online, then we come from two very opposite schools of thought.

So, my public service message to you is just #STAHP. Your overuse of hashtags is hashtag #dumb (my favorite hashtag to use, for those playing along at home).

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