Yep, we moved into our new house one year ago today… on Halloween. Barely getting the movers out before the trick-or-treaters started to show.


Of COURSE, we had candy ready and pillows on the couch the first night. The real treat for us was grilling out, considering the years we lived downtown and couldn’t have a gas grill.

The place looks a little different and certainly feels lived in and cozy. The cats seemingly love the three stories and all of the stairs. True story: I had sore calf muscles for the first three months getting adjusted to all of the steps. I’m STILL getting used to those damn etched glass doors. It’s been quite the year. I mean, the kitchen took nearly 4 months to finish. [ed note: still not finished]

Even with the small renovations that we were able to accomplish this year, the list of things we still need/want to do seems overwhelming. That bathroom will get a facelift this year if I have to get a third job to do it!

I’ll certainly share more pictures soon.

It’s good to be home.

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