Thankful for: the last two months off derby to clear my head, refocus and recharge. AND spend more “free” time with the boyfriend and friends.

Thankful for: the physical ability to run and CrossFit and skate and yoga to keep my mental sanity (and get a great ass in the meantime).

Thankful for: the boyfriend’s support — mentally and financially — in my (seemingly) never-ending job search.

Thankful for: having an extra dining room chairs to seat additional adults at Thanksgiving dinner.

Thankful for: my boyfriend being responsible for planning, purchasing and making said dinner.

Thankful for: spending the holiday with my sisters, nieces and dad.

Thankful for: having a blended family get-together.

Thankful for: an upcoming week off in December to travel.

Thankful for: these three cats that keep me warm in winter with furry snuggles.

Thankful for: feeling more like “me”… and getting back to the things I love.

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