Though this was the official kick-off week to training for the Pittsburgh Marathon on May 1, I’m still in the midst of training for the Gasparilla races in February. I’ll switch over my post titles once Gasparilla training is over. But most importantly, this week was travel team tryouts for roller derby!

MONDAY: THREE HOURS of roller derby practice. Since league and my home team practice are on the same night (and overlap), I decided it would be helpful in advance of tryouts this week to get more skate time, and both practices were skills-based with a LOT of 1-on-1/2-on-1 work. I also re-tested my laps (hooray, endurance!) but didn’t pace myself as well as last month – only getting 30 this time around. Our minimum skills require 27 laps in 5 minutes. It was a really fun night, especially skating for the first time with my new Avengers teammates. Make no mistake, my legs (and my poor feet!) were TIRED.

There was much chocolate milk after this practice.

TUESDAY: Travel Team Tryouts Day #1! Most of this first night of tryouts was focused on minimum skills — the word “minimum” is certainly a trap given that A-teamers should definitely be performing at more than a minimum skill level. There’s always an opportunity to step it up, even when doing partner work with someone at a lower (or higher!) skill level. Even when something is super easy for me, I have to remind myself that.

WEDNESDAY: [REST DAY] Skipped my weekly run//yoga session to rest my legs for Thursday’s night two of tryouts and opted for laundry instead. I feel like I haven’t had a chance to catch up since the holidays!

THURSDAY: Travel Team Tryouts Day #2! Tonight was scrimmage night, which, again, was SO much fun. Nights like these remind me of the reasons of why I wanted to return to the sport. In between halves, our group broke out to do some more skills and 1-on-1 work (each of the 3 teams played 2 halves in some order in addition to the skills work). I got a call-back for round two of tryouts this week!


SATURDAY: Marathon Kick-off Day! So many exclamations in this training week. Since this is a drop-back week for me, I only needed to do 3 miles buuuuuut a friend texted me the night before and really wanted to do 6 (and for me to run with her). So I joined her. This was probably a good idea that I made plans specifically with someone else so that I didn’t skip out on the training run (because as much as I love running in winter, I equally love my warm bed), and this would also good to make up the miles I didn’t run earlier in the week. Since the start location was on the north side, I did a 1-mile warm-up run to marathon office.

Mini-expo at the Pittsburgh Marathon kick-off event and a beautiful (if chilly) winter day of running!

Mini-expo at the Pittsburgh Marathon kick-off event and a beautiful (if chilly) winter day of running!

Dr. Vonda Wright led a group dynamic warm-up and then we went off with the 10:30 pace group. Our goal was to (slowly) speed up to the 10:00 pacer by the last mile. It was a cold morning, with slippy spots throughout the course. We averaged 10:09 and completed 6.28 miles in 1:03:48.

Splits: 10:57 (1) / 9:59 (2) / 9:39 (3) / 10:18 (4) / 9:49 (5) / 10:06 (6)

SUNDAY: Since I took care of my “long run” on Saturday, I needed a LOT of foam rolling releases and trigger point therapy. I regularly use this Foam Rolling app on my iPhone, which has sport specific exercises, including one for running. I went through this program with my short-and-wide roller, and then did more trigger release work on my feet, hip area (IT-specific), and my piriformis with my RAD Roller.

The boyfriend and I were on the same schedule this week, so I only walked to/from work one day. Probably best for my tired legs.

TOTAL CROSS-TRAINING WORKOUTS: 3-4 (depending on how one would count a three-hour derby practice!)

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  • You’re so good to get in cross training – 3 hours of roller derby sounds so tiring! Good luck with training 🙂