This was a difficult week for me to get motivated — run//yoga club was cancelled and I had too much work to do in two days that I couldn’t leave work in time for my Monday night spin class. And I definitely have some regrets about not getting out more to enjoy some good running weather too. I finally feel as though I’ve recovered from the travel and bad food (and its accompanying alcohol) and lack of sleep, but obviously a bit too late to have a successful training week.

MONDAY: [walked to/from work]

TUESDAY: [walked to/from work]

WEDNESDAY: Since I took my last vacation day on Wednesday, I went to a noon CrossFit session. The WOD was for time — I guess what you would call a Chipper — with 10 rounds of both body weight movements and weightlifting. It was tough but I finished the scaled Bronze workout in 13:36.

CrossFit_Chipper Workout

I’ve been using this Trudeau BCRF Pink Mist Hydration Bottle [pictured above] for both hot yoga and CrossFit, and I love its dual purpose. This water bottle has a 2-in-1 top that includes a mister & pop-up straw, and it is BPA Free. The Trudeau Corporation is even donating a portion of its sale to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Thanks to CI Visions for sending me one to test out!

THURSDAY: Travel Day (followed by a lot of fatty foods and alcohol and cookies)

FRIDAY: Merry Christmas! (We all got fat together, right?)

SATURDAY: Finally back home… and too tired for life.

SUNDAY: My training plan called for a 7-mile long run, and I went out for it… and nearly instantly encountered a downpour (my weather app said I had *at least* an hour before getting drenched so hung my rain jacket back up). Well, I ran through that storm for five+ happy miles (because let’s be serious, it was 67 degrees!!!), but I had a growing concern for blisters — my socks and shoes, and well, everything was soaked. I wasn’t hating the run at all but with tryouts a week away on top of a race training schedule, I couldn’t afford waiting for blistered feet to heal.

These kind of runs are important though for: a) preparing mentally for any of the uncontrollable hurdles that may come up on race day and b) testing out gear in heavy rains. I was impressed that my Armpocket kept my phone dry (though it didn’t leak outright, there was growing condensation on the front clear cover). I had my Figgies & Jammies in a plastic bag inside my Nathan belt and those stayed dry too (though I never reached for them, considering IT WAS POURING and I could barely see, let alone eat).

Anyways, I ran a bit faster than on the plan because of the rain and finished 5.40 miles at an average 10:15 pace. Splits: 10:23 / 10:17 / 10:14 / 9:48 / 10:07


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