With a nearly-full schedule of holiday social engagements and pre-Christmas tasks, I knew that this would be a tough training week — and something I’ll have to pay mind to for the next couple weeks. It wasn’t a total bust though, as I somehow fit in two runs and a derby practice.

MONDAY: Two hours of roller derby practice, skills- and partner-work focused. Hot, sweaty, fun. I’ve regressed back into a couple of my bad habits (grabbing, becoming “small”… or smaller in my case, forgetting about my long-lost “lower butt”) and making stupid gameplay decisions, so I have some work to do. It’s hard not to switch to autopilot as I’ve done in the past.

TUESDAY: First of a three-peat of rest days. Sorry not sorry, my legs were beat. Side note: it’s been really nice waking up early, especially on tired legs and your boyfriend drives you to work in the morning.

WEDNESDAY: Rest Day (walked to/from work)

THURSDAY: Rest Day (walked to work)


FRIDAY: Ran three miles (3.02) in the morning (!!!) at average 9:44 pace. My legs were feeling mighty stiff, but the weather was incredible at 7:30 a.m.

Splits: 9:29 / 9:30 / 10:06 (That last mile seriously felt all uphill!)

I also walked to work. Call it a cool down!

SATURDAY: Today’s workout brought to you by Christmas Shopping.

SUNDAY: This week’s long run was 5 miles (5.02) — and it was GORGEOUS outside! It’s still surreal to be outside in mid-December running in shorts. Average 10:19 pace, which felt easy. Though, even in shorts, I was sweating pretty good. After my run, I did a mini-circuit workout: two rounds with one minute on, one minute off of plank holds, sit-ups, squats, push-ups and lunges.

Splits: 10:21 / 10:18 / 10:39 / 9:58 / 10:09

TOTAL MILES: 8.04 miles

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