I think something that all of us aging 30-somethings can agree on, is a desire to dress more our “age” while still embracing our personal sense of style. I’ve clung to youthful trends for far too long — and I’m not saying that I’m OLD or anything *tsk* — just that I can’t really get away with wearing cheap fabrics, trendy prints and TOO SHORT hemlines.

My fashion resolutions come around this time of year, when I’m analyzing my closet and wardrobe — what’s missing; what needs tossed… laughing at the nostalgic items that I continue to cling on to.  

Here are my fashion resolutions:

  • Buy less — oh… my wardrobe is in overload, and now I need to downsize.
  • But WHEN making purchases, buy more quality items — more and more I have become obsessed with quality clothing, including designers like Marc by Marc Jacobs, which isn’t so far out ridiculous in terms of prices. Same with shopping stores like LOFT or Ann Taylor or White House/Black Market. ALL doable with our household income.
  • Become more polished — this is a total age gimmick! And I’m falling under its spell. But to be serious, I’m a 30-something freelancer competing in a city full of successful business woman; while I don’t envy their hectic 9-5 jobs, I drool over their ability to effortlessly wear suit jackets and heels and A-line skirts downtown. Honestly, I can see them strut from my apartment downtown! (while I sit here in disheveled slippers and my PJs from last night)
  • Start dressing regularly — um, see above. I need some motivation in this area.
  • Shop local boutiques — pretty straight forward; Pittsburgh has some AMAZING stores and consignment shops of which I haven’t really taken advantage.
  • Incorporate more vintage — I used to be so much more individualistic with my style; I need to find this side of me again.
  • Take time to find Investment Pieces — in this case, I need a serious “under things” upheaval and a healthy dosage of Spanx-like under-attire and slips. And a GOOD pair of flat leather boots.
  • Use a tailor more frequently — I finally found one that was reasonably priced; let’s hope she’s also good.
  • Donate to friends, organizations and clothing drives (like Pittsburgh’s local ReddUp/Thread Up event)

What are your fashion resolutions?

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