Is it just me, or has wearing eyeshadow changed in your 30s? 

Everything looks so… lackluster.

Are my eyelids too dry? I mean, even with only a natural-hued base, I think my lids still look like crap. I’ve tried several primers too, which only heighten a crease after an hour or so. Seriously, primer is like a MAGNET for oil and draws off all my color. And you can just FORGET about eyeliner; that’s now sitting in my crease too (I have to wipe my crease out at least every hour when I’m out and wearing a full face of make-up). 

Further annoying me to no end, any eyeshadow product with a hint of shimmer — really, anything that’s not matte — only emphasizes the “yuck” (yuck, meaning old, of course).

See how fun combination skin is? You start off dry and scaly, and are an oily mess in no time flat.

And it’s made make-up wearing a chore. I used to love doing my eyes, but it either ages me or makes me look completely ridiculous. And without? I look very, very tired (is it that obvious?). 


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