Belonging is on the psych triangle (Maslow), and an inherent part of the human condition and centric to motivation. It is a relationship requirement to have affection with significant others, feel wanted in friendships, with teammates, in community, church or with coworkers, and so on. We 30-somethings are becoming more comfortable with our sense of selves and in relationships with others as motivation for higher needs… and realizing where we belong in the process — where we need to belong.

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Switching gears just a little bit. I’ve talked about the death of a blog before, and how it has an impact on personal identity. This post: Can a Blog Die? reinvigorated my internal argument about where I do belong. And then I had to create a personal goal plan in my Psychology of Personal Development course (finals week!). One of my three goals before graduation (without going into all the SMART specifics) is to blog again.

One of my life satisfactions is to have an outlet like this and feeling like part of this blogging community — I need this blog, as much as I need others’ blogs. Perhaps this space here will help me with some accountability in goal tasking, in realizing some of my gratitude, and maybe help some other undergrad trying to navigate the psychology career path. But most of all, I get to share my life and its highs, lows, and life lessons (ahem, mistakes) with a community that understands WHY we blog.

We belong. (Did I get Pat Benatar stuck in your head?)

Do you believe that Maslow’s hiearchy still applies in aspects of your 30s? Would you change the order?

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