I hate the word “resolutions” just as much as the next 30-something (I mean, it’s like settings up for failure, right?), but I do set some goals for myself for the year. We need goals — something to live for, strive for and accomplish. This is what makes our life worth a damn: purpose.

Resolutions. Or at least some intentions.
To be a better person (in more ways than one).
To be healthier.
More motivated. More generous.

The following for 2013:
Financial: Pay off my credit card debt before starting school next Fall. Pay off old school debt to get my transcripts released.
Education: Apply to an additional college (not one I was originally anticipating attending, but would be proud to “get in”.) Finish all application and registration requirements. GO BACK TO SCHOOL! (yay!)
Diet & Exercise: Make A-level travel team. Train for my relay leg in the marathon. Get stronger. Lift more. Find easy, healthy meals that I can make on my own.
Work: Better business tracking: time spent on projects, job app-to-hire percentage, all business expenses. Continue to look for work that is new and challenging. Pitch more.
Relaxation: Shut down the phone and read once per day. If I’m on my phone every day, I can have my nose in a book everyday. Even if it’s just for 20 minutes.
Home: Finish house projects. Complete paint remodel of the first level. Decorate my master bathroom.
Love: Love and support the boyfriend in all aspects of his life (including his high-stress job and travel). Stop being so bitchy and expecting to suddenly live with a mind reader (ie: tell him what’s on my mind instead of being defensive upfront). More date nights.
Friendships: Send one handwritten letter to a long-distance friend or family per month. Make the time to visit and reconnect with long-time friends in Ohio. Connect and hang out more with my team/leaguemates.
Do Good: Continue to volunteer and donate time and money to my favorite charities and causes. Be emotionally available for friends and family in need.

But then I took this whole Resolutions thing one step further. I made a list of promises for each month of the new year. Because I’m mostly crazy, but also because I really like to challenge myself. Each directly relates to my resolutions — and are tied bad habits that I’d like to break or motivation that I’d like to gain.

A Year of Promises
January: 30 days of no alcohol.
February: 30 days of WAKING UP BEFORE 8am. (I’m going on vacation this month; will be interesting)
March: 30 days of no sweets
April: 30 days of “something new”
May: 30 days of yoga
June: 30 days spending freeze
July: 30 days of NO PANTS (dresses and skirts only; save for working out)
August: 30 days of volunteering
September: 30 days without social media (this is when I intend to return to school; will be taking a month-long hiatus from both social media and blogging because I WILL NEED IT)
October: 30 days of dates!
November: 30 days of blog posts
December: 30 days of relaxing (sit back and listen to Christmas music; you’ll need it!)
*if there are 31 days in a month, consider Day 31 a “freebie”; 28 days, an “easy” goal, which… not really.

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