A few weeks ago, I had to paint numbers on a scrimmage shirt. (I was out of iron-ons and stencils, and using a black Sharpie is for amateurs!) What I discovered, was that surrounding all the stress and hectic schedule leading up to that scrimmage (yes, I waited until the night before to do it! Always the procrastinator!), I was relaxing in that moment.

No screens. No noise. Me and paint brushes.

It’s also a feat to complete not one, but TWO craft projects in one day, but I painted a birdhouse and made bows for our Christmas tree. Before, during and afterward, there was SANTA’S CINNAMON (my favorite hard cider of the year).

Sure, the former is a kids project (30-something kids-at-heart too!), but I get to look at something fun and creative that I planned, executed — and it has a purpose. We have a wonderful bird community in our new neighborhood; something I missed while living in the heart of downtown.

I’m no artist, that’s for sure, but I like a good DIY project. For years, I made cards (and still have a small nagging in my heart for doing something paper based professionally or etsy-based at some point in my life), and nearly forgot how crafting or painting or gluing makes me so relaxed. It’s a Project Finished, to which I feel sort of accomplished.

The bows needed to be done, considering we’re still adding to our holiday ornaments collection (the tree is quite bare without). The plaid ribbon was too cute, but ultimately didn’t work for the tree decorations… but I’ll be planning something soon for those extra spools.

Both projects back-to-back made me realize that I should be making more time to be crafty.
Tell me about what DIY projects you’re working on in the comments!

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