Alternatively titled: Must. Not. Buy. Another Pair of Sequin Shoes!

An anonymous Reader asked: Can a 30-something pull off wearing sequins?

Answer: A resounding YES!

1. Aqua Spineless Sequin Jacket {ASOS} / 2. Embellished top {White House Black Market} / 3. Foldover Sequin Clutch {ASOS} / 4. Worn This Way sequin bootie {ModCloth} / 5. MICHAEL Michael Kors Tuxedo Sequin Tuxedo Pants {Nordstrom}

Sequins are like Happiness Therapy — an outfit pick-me-up and a MUST for those who don’t really experiment with bold colors.

Just this year (ahem, year 35), I invested in a sequin party dress from ASOS (it’s backless and super chic!), sequin leggings from h&m (via Poshmark) and an embellished cardigan from White House Black Market.

Unless it’s New Year’s Eve or a fab bash (in which case, ALL OF THE SEQUINS!), subtlety is key. And the trick to not looking like a holiday character is to NOT wear sequins from head-to-toe. A little accent here and a hint of shimmer there equals: classic-with-personality.

Remember, sequins are not glitter. No woman over the age of 30 should be wearing glitter on her person. Unless it’s Halloween, and in that case, let me remind you that you should definitely NOT be wearing “Sexy {insert character here},” Miss 30-something. Trust me. You’re not too old for fun, but you’re certainly too wise (and classy!) to be mostly naked in October.

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