It seems like every year, I’m asking all my fashion and beauty people for good recommendations for shoes — I’m talking comfortable boots for women, appropriate for the 30-something city person who walks everywhere, even in inclement weather (hello, Fall!). Because I am a sucker for comfort above all things.

This is where I insert a picture of a stylish, comfortable-looking boot. One that fits all my criteria. Notice how this space remains noticeably picture-free.

An uncomfortable foot is an uncomfortable person. FACT.
Hashtag, shoe therapy.

My checklist is:
No heels.
Real leather — footwear that will eventually “mold” to my foot. Not patent leather either. Nothing plastic-looking.
Low- or mid-calf height — that will. not. sag.
Not ugly.
And not those fuzzy UGGS, for that matter. C’mon, I’m 36, not 16!
No heels!
Bonus: warm.
Bonus, bonus: won’t upset my bank account too terribly.

But seriously, people. I AM WILLING TO PAY.

I typically get a few of those from the list, but never the full package. I don’t need a snow boot, since I rotate between my Hunters (with liners) and Sperry’s on wet and flurry days. The Hunters are stylish, yes, but not easy on the feet for long walks — even with insoles. I love my cross trainers, but I haven’t signed away my life to yoga pants and tennis shoes. Yet. I find a cute pair, but they’re cheap; I find a slightly-expensive pair, and they’re ugly. Most often, I succumb to the cheap, but then I get one season out of them.

Why can’t I be stylish AND comfortable? And why can I still not find the right pair of boots? So, spill it, 30-somethings: what boots are your fave?

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