I’m back!

This past week’s adventures took us through Southern California and Arizona. CHILLY California. COLD Arizona. By plane, and then by rental car. At least there wasn’t snow? But seriously, who would’ve thought we would need an ice scraper in Phoenix?!

Sure, it was chilly and beautiful and a little hard on my body… But this vacation was a success!

The main reason for the trip was for roller derby (it’s the beginning of our travel season; and this, being our “big” trip of the year). I SKATED BANKED TRACK! SUCH a thrill. The secondary reason: well, I’ve never been to San Diego or LA, so we flew out a couple days early to explore and stayed a day later (to take a road trip to do #3). Thirdly: to visit with my siblings and meet my new niece! One of my favorite parts of the trip was all of us sitting on the bed face timing with my Dad in Ohio.

Why you need a vacation too:
Whether it’s a trip around the world or a staycation in your hometown, each and every one of us 30-somethings needs some time off: to decompress, de-stress… enjoy life’s simple pleasures again without the constant checking of email and internet (wish somebody would have told the boyfriend *tsk tsk*), and hey, maybe reconnect with a loved one (for me, it was to connect with my teammates AND family). Some other reasons we use to vacation: you might need time away from the kids (or other family). Or could benefit professionally from a writing retreat. Or desperately need a girls only weekend.

A vacation — hey, even a long holiday weekend break — is something that changes up our daily patterns and responsibilities — all while helping our minds and bodies recharge.

Now that I’m back (and relaxed and recharged… and IcyHot-ed all over from three games in three days), I’ll be sure to share some highlights of my trip in upcoming posts.

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