Cleansing and moisturizing, twice per day, is IMPERATIVE for women our age. But this is only part of what’s required as part of a healthy skin care routine for 30-somethings. As my esthetician likes to repeat: plan NOW for the face you want in 10 years. Her skin looks fantastic, by the way; I’m envious. I wasn’t too good to my skin (or my body) in my 20s and pay for those mistakes in my 30s: smoking, heavy drinking, tanning. Ugh.
The Trifecta of Early Aging.

But I was also guilty of not getting a lot of sleep — and sleeping in my makeup when I finally did find my bed — and not using any sort of anti-aging product, especially eye cream (whomp!).

{ Exuviance Evening Restorative Complex / Murad Renewing Eye Cream / Clarisonic PLUS / Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleansing Pads / Vichy Eye Makeup Remover }

At the very basic level, a daily skin care routine for 30-somethings should include:

  • make-up remover — better for your eye area than the rubbing that comes with cleansing.
  • cleansing — be sure to get it all off! Might I recommend a Clarisonic?
  • treatments/troubleshooters — anti-aging, acne, spot removal, rosacea, eczema & other sensitive skin issues
  • moisturizer — day lotions are different than night lotions!
  • eye cream — this is different than your lotion.
  • water — and by water, I mean, you should be drinking it. A lot.
  • sunscreen — no exceptions; my dermatologist says that SPF in lotions and makeup is NOT enough. Sunscreen should its own separate layer before moisturizing.

Sounds much more intense than “basic,” right? But trust me, once you get into a regular habit of doing these steps, it won’t seem so taxing.

Side note: Some women also like to tone, but I only typically do this step for a little “mid-afternoon skin pick-me-up” on those days when I don’t wear make-up.

Additional regular treatments for your face should also include:

  • professional facials — I opt for seasonal.
  • exfoliation — gently! At least once a week; more, if you have hormonal congestion on your chin and cheeks.
  • peels or masks — I’m highly recommend: the Rejuvenating Treatment Masque from Exuviance.

End note: ALWAYS remember to wash your makeup brushes weekly!
I recommend these two products from Sephora: a daily disinfectant spray and weekly purifying shampoo.

What’s your skin care routine? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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