Reading, meditation, yoga, napping: all 30-somethings need a space in our home — indoor or out — that is a designated Quiet Space.

To unwind, recharge, be creative, learn something new, be crafty, get away from husbands/kids/pets.

This space can change, depending on weather and circumstances, of course. I used to like our living room… until a TV was put into it. I like our outdoor patio area… but it’s a bit too cold in my neck-of-the-woods. The bedroom is super comfortable… but being an insomniac, I have to use it as JUST a sleeping space to curb any extraneous distractions.

My preferred area is a little nook in my attic-slash-third-bedroom. After turning our second, conjoined bedroom into our sitting/media room, we freed the upstairs finished attic space into a reading and sleeping area. While it could certainly use some temperature regulation (and probably some new carpet), it’s cozy and peaceful.

Perfect for my 52 books in 52 weeks project.

Total hilarious side note: those IKEA chairs? They had to be taken apart to fit up the attic stairwell. We have a helluva time finding furniture to fit into our small rowhouse. Originally, the boyfriend’s “bachelor” apartment living set was to be there — wouldn’t fit. My work desk? Wouldn’t fit. When we purchased a new mattress set, the delivery person had to return the box spring because IT WOULDN’T FIT. But happy ending small space bonus: queen-sized mattress sets can be purchased with a two-piece box spring! I’m still holding onto hope that a papasan chair will fit up here.

What type of Quiet Space do you prefer?

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