Have I talked about how Victoria’s Secret discontinued the ONLY bra that fit me? I went in a couple weeks ago for a double, since I basically wear my Body by Victoria IPEX on the daily.

Perfection in a bra. No longer for sale.

Perfection in a bra. No longer for sale.

1. It fits PERFECTLY
4. Comfortable around the band and over the shoulders
5. Cannot see underneath t-shirts

I have resorted to trolling eBay and Poshmark for people’s hand-me-downs, which eeks me on one level, but is satisfying on a whole other. THAT’S how much I love this bra. And seriously, contact me if you have a perfect condition one to sell/give me.

I want to touch on something else too: why do bra designers feel it necessary to put wires into A cups? We don’t need them. The sales attendant even was incredulous when asking why I don’t want underwire. The three other 34A cup bras that I tried on in the VS dressing room were NOT created for an A cup — but as an afterthought to the A-cup market: a variety of weird styles, bulging extra fabric and OMG comfortable bras do not need to be so ugly!

As I get older, the “secret” I’ve discovered is that Victoria’s Secret regularly changes their bra collection (and their sizing, for real). There’s hope that my bra style might come back. But that only fits one of my underthings problems… and doesn’t help me right now. I basically only like sports bras right now.

Women generally need a bra for every occasion:

  • daily bra — for comfort
  • nude bra — never white, since they ALWAYS show; I’m talking skin tone
  • sexy bra — ahem. you know. Something with lace or prints and LOTS of pushup when something unexpected might happen
  • sports bra — to protect the ladies!
  • convertible bra — for different styles of tanks, tops and dress cuts
  • and a strapless — these things were also not made with the A-cup in mind, and I still have yet to find one. I’m 36 years old!

Tell me 30-somethings: do you have a favorite bra? AND, do you generally have a drawer full of them for different occasions?

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  • themoderngal

    I have the same requirements you have (my life seriously changed when I tried wirefree). I swear by Barely There’s wirefree invisible look bra. They’re not terribly expensive, but they still hold up pretty well, and I can always find them at Kohl’s.